Our Hospital

20.000 m2 closed area, 550 employees, 150 bed capacity, 17 adult intensive care units, 14 newborn intensive care units, 7 operating rooms, 4 modern delivery rooms, biochemistry, microbiology laboratories, Medical Aesthetics Unit, Radiology Unit, 24/7 Pediatric Polyclinic service It provides 24-hour emergency and ambulance services. In our hospital, which has 23 branches and 56 polyclinic rooms, examinations such as Bone Densitometry, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, EEG, EMG, Digital Mammography, Digital X-ray, Ultrasonography, 3D color Doppler, GE 1.5 Tesla MR device, computerized tomography (coronary angiography) are performed.

  • Adult intensive care unit with 17 beds
  • Neonatal intensive care unit with 11 incubator infrastructure,
  • 4 Suites, 4 VIP Rooms
  • 4-Bed Sleep Clinic
  • Birth rooms
  • Children’s Polyclinic with playgrounds
  • Fully equipped physical therapy and rehabilitation unit
  • Conference hall with a modern infrastructure and technical equipment where conferences, seminars and trainings can be held,
  • Pneumatic tube system that provides automatic transport of the test tubes between floors,
  • Central sterilization unit with the latest technology,
  • Outdoor-indoor parking lot for 200 cars
  • Valet parking service
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